Open source and proprietary software — what you need to consider when balancing benefits and costs. Read some tips and guidelines to be better prepared for vulnerabilities that are disclosed in the future.

Open source components have changed the way and speed companies make software, but at the same time…

What views are most popular for a quick network health overview? Tips from fellow engineers and sysadmins for starting your day well informed.

We have asked sysadmins and network engineers how they quickly get on track with their network health at the beginning of the day. Do they run the NetCrunch console for a brief checkup or mostly rely on alerts to guide your day and fire up NetCrunch only to perform certain…

An efficiently operating IT infrastructure is one of the conditions for success in business for an organization. Smaller and larger downtimes or performance degradations caused by its malfunctioning generate costs. They can also cause a loss of image and even lead to the bankruptcy of the company. …

Monitoring Windows tasks can be a challenge as there is no easy way of retrieving information about them. Starting from version 10.9 NetCrunch introduced dedicated sensor and system view to view and monitor Windows tasks

System view — Scheduled Tasks

A new view available in the Node Status of the Windows machines allows you to…

Another major NetCrunch update with many changes, fixes, and 16 new features! Among them, the powerful are:

📍 New Sensor — Windows Task Scheduler

📍 New system view for Windows — Windows Scheduled Task

📍 New Network Service — Windows RDP

📍 New Integration with ServiceDesk Plus

📍 REST API update

📍 11 new Monitoring Packs

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Due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, many companies decide to send employees to work remotely, often on their own computer equipment. Unfortunately, organizations that have never before considered such a movement do not yet have adequate rules governing this mode of work. What’s worse, it’s challenging to…

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