Celebrate No-Downtime December with NetCrunch 9.x!

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3 min readDec 5, 2016


The holidays can be busy and stressful, and there’s no reason why your network should add to it. Our NetCrunch network monitoring system lets you be proactive in maintaining your network uptime by automating repair actions on alert.

The all-new Nodes Overview dashboard in NetCrunch 9.3

The powerful automatic corrective actions in NetCrunch combined with extensive conditional alerting and alert escalation ensure that you’re only alerted to a problem when you need to be. Monitoring disk space on servers? If it falls below 10% then we can run a script to delete .tmp files. If after doing so the threshold rises above 10%, there’s no need to interrupt your holiday dinner. If your CRM service goes down, NetCrunch can restart it automatically. 5 minutes later, if it’s still down, we can reboot the server. If that doesn’t work, then we can notify an admin, and if he hasn’t fixed it within an hour, then we can notify a superior.

NetCrunch offers powerful, proactive monitoring for the modern IT stack

The modern IT stack can be a complex and noisy place. NetCrunch can lets you visualize your infrastructure with an intuitive GUI and automatic maps. Automatic alert correlation helps silence the noise, by filtering those events that have already been resolved, letting you see only those problems currently affecting your network. Plus, our alert analytics feature lets you analyze the frequency of alerts, and adjust thresholds as needed.

NetCrunch has two-way integration with 21 Service/Help desks and messaging services

NetCrunch also streamlines notification, by giving you a wide range of options and integrations. Of course, we can send you an SMS or an e-mail when an event occurs, but we also offer two-way integration with 21 different service desks and messaging services. When an event happens in NetCrunch, we can open a new ticket in pagerduty. When that ticket is closed, we can also close the even in NetCrunch automatically. You can even send tweets and DMs on twitter in response to alerts!

Use NetCrunch to ensure happy and uptime filled months, all year long!

AdRem Software are Cisco, VMWare and Microsoft partners, and NetCrunch 9.x is the only mainstream monitoring solution that is certified Cisco Compatible. We support hundreds of popular devices and applications out of the box, on a hyper-scalable agentless platform that runs without agents.

Download it today, and get 30 days of free tech support as well as free installation assistance. You can schedule a live webinar with an engineer who can walk you through getting a proof-of-concept set up on your own network.

Pricing starts at $1,160 for a 50-node one-year subscription, with special offers for EDU, GOV and not-for-profit clients. You can check out a complete overview with pricing at the /r/sysadmin wiki on reddit.



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