Do you know what operations monitoring is and how it can learn from IT Monitoring?

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2 min readJul 20, 2023

Industry 4.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the manufacturing and distribution of goods and services by integrating 77 megatrends and advanced technologies.
As this technological transformation progresses, companies must recognize and solve obstacles that keep them from achieving their competitive goals.

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Connectivity and visibility of operations

Industry 4.0 rely on connectivity that provides new solutions and visibility into processes. To build comprehensive monitoring, visualization,
and troubleshooting into the operation networks and systems, companies must implement best practices of effective network management.

Increased data processing needs centralized systems to process and
act on the collected information
, such as automated remediation actions, notifications, or security alarms. Digitalization of the operations should associate with robust performance monitoring and cybersecurity policies.

When this is neglected, there’s a bigger chance of security breaches in the companies operations. In recent years, many cyber gangs have attacked
to extort money from individuals and organizations, using ransomware
in high-profile cases.

Monitoring to speed up diagnostics

Operations monitoring includes monitoring production devices, environmental sensors, and other data sources that support business
or organizational goals. It has become an essential tool for businesses because companies can fix issues before they become critical.
This includes:

The operations environment is developing quickly, and operations monitoring guarantees better control. Get the insights you need and
be able to make your actions more effective.

To sum up, NetCrunch is a perfect solution for comprehensive network monitoring and management. To get long-term success,
don’t hesitate — act now and stay ahead of the curve.

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