Here’s why a Spanish Chinchilla is living in our office… 🐹

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2 min readJan 15, 2024

It might sound unusual, but there’s a pet Chinchilla living in our office.
Her name is Crunchy. She lives here and happily joins us during coffee breaks. Sometimes, while walking along the corridor, you have to be careful because she may jump out of the corner.

But why do we have a Chinchilla living in our office?

Well, one of our colleague’s kids couldn’t keep her at home any longer.
We decided to give her a temporary home at the office until we could find someone to take care of her. We even got her a big cage to make her feel comfortable. However, she’s a very active animal. So, we often let her run around the corridors. When someone grabs a coffee, they often take out
a small snack for her.

She has a very calming effect on people who are tired or stressed.
You can go to the kitchen, grab some coffee or tea, and look for Crunchy. Some even talk to her, give her snacks, and try to pet her (but she only allows some people to do so).

During one summer, a colleague took her home because she was feeling lonely at the office when people were away. They got along together so well that this became her permanent home. Especially since her two cats have become friends with her.

Every now and then, she still stops by the office, and we have fun feeding her and watching her jump and run around. Having some contact with nature is refreshing when we get tired from sitting at the desk and looking at our screens all day.

Do you have an office pet as well?



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