Monitoring Windows tasks with NetCrunch

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2 min readMay 26, 2020


Monitoring Windows tasks can be a challenge as there is no easy way of retrieving information about them. Starting from version 10.9 NetCrunch introduced dedicated sensor and system view to view and monitor Windows tasks

System view — Scheduled Tasks

A new view available in the Node Status of the Windows machines allows you to view all Windows tasks configured on this machine.

All tasks in this compact view can be searched by their name, path, status, or trigger which makes search extremely easy and quick.

Different folder on the left pane will filter out tasks even quicker.

Failed tasks will be marked with the proper icon and the folder on the left will be marked by the red color.

Windows Tasks Scheduler Sensor

Viewing is one part of managing Windows Tasks.

Monitoring important tasks on the machine is the second part.

Adding task to monitoring

Adding a task is very easy because NetCrunch connects to the machine where tasks are being configured and retrieves all possible folders and tasks.

If there are multiple tasks in the folder — they all can be monitored with one sensor

Alerts on tasks

By default NetCrunch monitors ‘Task launch failure’ on each sensor.

Additional alerts that can be configured consist of:

  • Task Disabled
  • Task Enabled
  • Task Configuration has changed
  • Task has not been run for last x days/hours/minutes



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