NetCrunch 9.3 Announced at IP EXPO London

AdRem Software
2 min readOct 20, 2016


AdRem Software has announced and demoed the upcoming 9.3 version of their NetCrunch network monitoring suite. Over 600 updates and a dozen new features are included in this release. As with 9.2, this is a major version update despite the nominal version change.

NetCrunch 9.3 Main Atlas Dashboard

The industry-leading scalability of NetCrunch has been further increased, and now a single server installation can support over 1,000,000 monitored elements!

Nodes Overview Dashboard

NetCrunch 9.3 features major user interface updates, including our new Nodes Overview Dashboard. For views with less than 50 nodes, we now offer a brand new dashboard. This way smaller networks and smaller views can be visualized even easier.

New Integrations in NetCrunch 9.3

The powerful two-way integrations with messaging services and service desks have been increased to 19. Simple integration is now available for Campfire, Pushover, Ryver, Clicatell, Asana, Connectwise, Flowdock, JIRA, JiTBiT, LiveAgent, Mojo Helpdesk and Ops Genie.

Layer 2 Physical Segment Maps in NetCrunch 9.3

The physical segments maps in NetCrunch now show not just live traffic, but two-way traffic on your interfaces to give you deep visibility into where network congestion may be.

Performance Views in NetCrunch 9.3

Another improvement in the user interface are the updated Performance Views. On top of that, NetCrunch 9.3 also now features auto-sizing to make all views scale intelligently depending on your screen resolution, and the full-screen mode now scrolls up and down for dashboards that exceed your screen.

Download NetCrunch 9.3 today, and get 30 days of free tech support as well as free installation assistance.



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