NetCrunch network monitoring offers unparalleled scalability

Powerful scalability with a tiny network footprint

The NetCrunch network monitoring suite offers unparalleled scalability with a tiny network footprint. A single server installation supports monitoring over 650,000 elements and making 20,000 checks per second. The competition doesn’t even come close:

Competing products are limited to the low tens-of-thousands in terms of monitored elements/sensors. They don’t even come close to what NetCrunch can offer. NetCrunch is ready for the Internet of Things, and has been for more than a decade.

On top of that, NetCrunch offers all of this scalability from a virtual machine. There is no requirement to run on a physical machine, and no performance degradation on a virtual one.

NetCrunch monitoring over 650,000 network performance counters

Powerful scalability is just one of the many places where NetCrunch outshines the competition. See what makes NetCrunch the newest trend-setter in network monitoring and the IoT:

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