NetCrunch Network Monitoring wins Return on Investment Award from Network Computing

Marketing Director Michael Rojek accepts the Return on Investment Award

The NetCrunch network monitoring suite is the hands-down value leader in a crowded market

NEW YORK, March 23, 2016 — AdRem Software Inc. and their flagship NetCrunch 9 network monitoring suite were shortlisted for four prestigious awards at the annual Network Computing Awards. NetCrunch 9 won the Return on Investment Award, recognizing the software’s powerful feature set, industry-leading scalability, and impressive price point.

Despite a crowded field anchored by some of the biggest names in the network computing industry, NetCrunch 9 was able to shine. A Cisco, Microsoft and VMWare partner in business since 1998, AdRem Software is no stranger to the industry, but has until recently been out of the spotlight as more of a niche player.

The NetCrunch network monitoring suite offers massive scalability with a tiny network footprint

With the NetCrunch 9 network monitoring system that is changing. Industry leading scalability means that you can monitor over 650,000 different elements from a single installation. Compared with the low tens of thousands available from the competition, NetCrunch truly is Internet of Things ready, and has been for years. As an all-in-one and agentless network, server, application, file, log and web monitoring suite, the feature-set meets or exceeds industry benchmarks.

The GUI has also been significantly revamped, making it easier to visualize the health of your network, and navigate the impressive array of features built into the suite. Automated installation further enhances the appeal of NetCrunch, allowing you to get up and running in minutes. Hundreds of popular applications and devices are supported out-of-the-box, and adding new devices or managing groups of them is just a wizard away.

NetCrunch 9 the cost leader in the industry, leveraging its node-based licensing structure to great success. While most competitors license by numbers of monitored sensors, counters or elements, NetCrunch 9 is licensed simply by number of monitored devices. That means that whether it’s a simple desktop endpoint, a mission critical server, or a 48-port switch, each will only count towards a single node. With pricing starting at $1,755 for a 50-node perpetual license, it’s no surprise that NetCrunch 9 earned acclaim at the Network Computing Awards for value.

About AdRem Software

Founded in 1998, AdRem Software is an independent software developer based in Krakow, Poland with a sales office in New York and has more than 2,500 active clients in 87 countries around the world. For inquiries, please e-mail or call (212) 319–4114



AdRem Software makes award-winning commercial and freeware network monitoring & management software trusted by thousands of admins worldwide

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AdRem Software

AdRem Software


AdRem Software makes award-winning commercial and freeware network monitoring & management software trusted by thousands of admins worldwide