Network Topology Mapping

About Network Topology Mapping

There are several reasons for mapping network topology, some more common than others. For starters, they typically incorporate a vast array of important information about your network. They will, for instance, tell you what each piece of equipment is, how everything is interconnected, and they will often include extra details such as IP addresses, traffic speed or volume, or other configuration parameters.

Network Topology Mapping Tools

Topology mapping tools typically do much more than just help you draw network topology maps — or draw them for you. The better ones will use SNMP and/or other protocols such as the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) to poll your devices and discover their interconnections. They will use that information to automatically build a graphical representation of your network, a network topology map.

Mapping Network Topology With NetCrunch

Live Network Views

Wrapping Up

While network topology mapping can be complex — especially if you do it manually — it is one of the very best ways of documenting networks. Due to its graphic nature, a network topology map presents information in a very easy to comprehend format. Any network administrator or engineer will get much more benefit from a map from any kind of textual data. With the availability of very efficient network topology mapping tools, such as those built into NetCrunch, the mapping network topology can be automated. This not only makes it easier for administrators, but it also offers a dynamic rendition of the network that will be automatically updated as your network evolves. Add to that the possibility of overlaying live usage data on topology maps and you clearly have a winning combination.



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