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Overwhelmed by alert flood? See how to fix it.

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3 min readJul 3, 2020


For successful and fast root cause analysis, it is recommended to monitor as many metrics, statuses, and data sources as possible. It does not mean being notified about every detail though! You can stay informed and preserve your sanity with advanced NetCrunch features that help your network diagnose issues and self-heal in the everyday, repetitive situations while informing you about critical situations or anomalies.

NetCrunch rule-based monitoring

NetCrunch comes with predefined Monitoring Packs for various devices, systems, and applications that allow to monitor the same type of element in the same way. In this way, you can easily control monitoring settings, adjusting them if needed for all specific devices at once. At the same time, the same rules allow spotting anomalies or performance degradation easily.

You can use monitoring packs to create monitoring policies by setting node filters. They can also be assigned manually to the node (or multiple nodes using multi-selection). Currently, the program includes more than 230 ready to use Monitoring Packs for monitoring devices, applications, and operating systems.

Unlike other monitoring products, predefined monitoring packs that are included in NetCrunch can be edited or duplicated into variants to adjust to your specific monitoring needs while keeping the benefit of rule-based monitoring (for example different monitoring pack for VM in production and simpler one for VM in a test lab, with a different alerting script).

Flexible reaction to events

NetCrunch allows using many alerting actions such as many types of notification, saving to log, creating tickets in other help desk systems, sending messages to other systems, and NetCrunch remote control actions. Each alert can have its own alert escalation script. This also means that NetCrunch executes actions if the alert condition persists for a longer time or can execute actions when the alert is closed.

The escalated reaction in response to an alert

NetCrunch uses the individual assignment of Action Scripts to Alerts to describe the desired event generation and notification behavior in response to a particular event. Each Action Script element includes relevant settings and execution parameters that allow the user to specify appropriate Restrictions to manage a specific alerting behavior — thus allowing automation of the problem diagnostic and resolution.

Monitoring dependencies that reflect network hierarchy

Managing the responses and level of interactivity of your monitoring system is critical to monitoring value perception. Too much alerting and the system goes ignored, while not enough notification leaves you surprised when issues occur.

NetCrunch does a great job of squelching false positives while keeping pending (not resolved yet) alerts on top of your list. It uses monitoring dependencies to silence secondary alerts and prevent alert floods. This way, you only get that one critical alert that your critical device went down.

Alert correlation to hide resolved problems from a top view

Besides, NetCrunch has built-in alert correlation that automatically clears alerts as the event causing the alert disappears. With an automatic alert correlation in NetCrunch, you can view only those events that are currently ongoing and need your attention. Is an alert too sensitive and appearing too often? Event analysis lets you adjust thresholds to fit your needs.

Schedule automatic remote actions in response to an alert

To fix problems, you can go for NetCrunch automatic control actions such as notifications, remote execution, creating tickets in help desk systems, sending messages to other systems, and NetCrunch configuration actions.

For testing in your environment, here’s a link to the direct download of the NetCrunch Server installation file without registration.

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