When network is a crime scene, you need a trusted Dr Watson

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2 min readFeb 27, 2024
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What does comprehensive monitoring have to do with solving a detective mystery? To identify the culprit, a detective begins by collecting all available clues.

Given the vast amount of data, comprehending each piece is crucial.
This involves gathering testimonials, reviewing video evidence, and paying attention to the smallest details.

To deduce the culprit, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the entire context and the precise sequence of past events.

Interestingly, the job of a network administrator or network engineer is quite similar. Every day, they’re faced with numerous questions, which may include:

- Why is the network slow?

- Why is XYZ not working?

- And how can we optimize our resources to prevent this in the future?

Like the detective, the administrator must gather comprehensive data to understand the network’s performance. While some can deduce certain issues with a small amount of data, most need full context to solve more complex problems.

Thus, it’s essential to collect all the available information. This holistic approach enables a straight path to understanding the problems’ root causes.

As a network administrator, you might feel like Sherlock Holmes.
Yet, even Sherlock needs a Watson — someone who gathers all data and perhaps notices clues that might initially get overlooked.

This is where NetCrunch steps in, acting as the Watson to your Sherlock 🕵️



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